ICE Counters

Koxka ICE is a range of top-quality remote refrigeration cabinets. They offer flexible installation and efficiency for store surfaces, improving the shopping experience.

Range of positive refrigerated showcases and semi-vertical multi-deck cabinets with serve-over counters or self-service for sensitive products, such as meat, deli food, cheese, prepared foods, etc.

A wide range of models are available.

In addition, you will find the following showcase models:

  • Versions for frozen products and to display hot products
  • Available in straight and curved-glass versions, including modules, headers and angles.
  • Versions with and without front structure
  • Optional double semi-vertical self-service showcases

And in semi-vertical cabinets with showcase design:

  • Open and closed
  • Compact chassis, compact hood, cake store model.
  • Also available with serve-over counters for cake stores

Designed in compliance with the Ecodesign directive to reduce the environmental impact.

Wide range of options, accessories and side panels.