Improving our day to day life

We are experts in cooling. We research it and we monitor it to achieve perfection in food preservation and thus improve.

More than 50 years designing and producing refrigerator units for integration into retail spaces

These spaces are alive, they evolve and attempt to find the balance between consumption and sustainability

The commercial refrigeration market need for new tools and formats to present products and remodel spaces that help generate sales by improving the shopping experience and boosting consumer confidence.

The careful design of Koxka cases and the possibility of customizing and communication renew and aesthetically modernize retail spaces and improve the consumer shopping experience.

Also in Koxka we know that the implementation of energy saving measures is now a duty within the corporate social responsibility of business, plus an undeniable value based on the image they convey to customers and a measure of cost control. The energy consumption of cooling units is 60% of the energy bill of supermarkets, so the impact of savings measures on cooling units is important. So Koxka is committed to a product in which two concepts merge: energy saving and sales promotion.

They trust us

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K Group has received funding from ENISA (Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy, Tourism)

The project has received funding from Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness in the framework of Aid programme for re-industrialisation and promotion of industrial competitiveness.

Project co-funded by European Invedstment Bank (EIB)

This company has received funding from the Goverment of Navarre in virtue of the call for digital Connectivity of business establishments of Navarra 2017